Monday, December 24, 2007

Excellent Lucerne Switzerland Hotels

I was looking for one of those Lucerne Switzerland hotels which offer discounts to travelers all the year. The travel reservation staff was given specific instructions to make sure the hotel they would book my room in was well located within the city’s commercial area. That allowed me to move around freely and easily without having to bother much about time constraints. I liked the waterfront area of the city which had some good statues on view. One statue which stood out had a lion carved into the side of a rock wall. The beauty of that statue is one can visualize the emotion and expression on the lion’s face. I have returned from Lucerne some time back but the anguish on the brave and noble lions face is still clearly visible to me. The architecture of most lucerne switzerland hotels is modern in approach to please the present day’s traveler.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Check Hotels in Lucerne Switzerland

Make sure you check and cross check the requirements you require in the hotels in Lucerne Switzerland with your travel reservation representatives. This is what I learned the hard way when I went visiting Lucerne. Though the hotel they had checked me into was fabulous with extremely good services what they missed out on was making taxi arrangements in advance for a pick up from the airport. I waited for a while before I got in touch with the hotel and they told me they had goofed up somehow! I am sure you will like the sights of Lucerne as they are absolutely beautiful and wonderfully scenic. The hotels in Lucerne Switzerland could however do with some addition to the existing facilities and amenities. The staff at the hotel was very polite and superbly courteous making everyone feel they were staying in a home away from home providing excellent friendly services.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Eventful Stays in Lucerne Hotels

It has been a while I have come onto the internet to post. I had been out on a trip to Switzerland. In this recent trip to Switzerland I went visiting Lucerne. It turned out to be one of the finest Swiss cities which took up most of my time. I can however, tell you it was a lovely trip. I managed to see all the sights the hotel staff directed me to. I had to search a list of Lucerne hotels before I finally decided on one of the particular hotels I would like to stay in. I hope to get enough time in the next few weeks to post photos of my trip to Lucerne. French is spoken by a lot of people in Lucerne beside English. It was quite an eventful interaction with the various staff in one of the Lucerne hotels I stayed in during my trip.